05 Mar, '21nowplaying1 min.

Music is vital to my creative process and, usually, inspiration for ongoing/upcoming projects is directly related to what i’m listening to at the time, cool, huh? Check out my Music Blogs Chapter I (’10 – ’20) & Chapter II (’21 – present) for more…

We all agree that 2020 was the worst we’ve had in a while… things are better this year as we try to navigate this global pandemic and craft some semblance of normality. Naturally we’ve all focused on our sources of hope and strength. One of mine has definitely been music. On this tip, the chaos was transformed into awesome work as some of the the best music has been released recently – i sure discovered some ah!mazing artists.

One of my top new music discoveries from 2020 was certainly SAULT! – Super prolific, put out four pieces of work, 5, 7, Untitled (Black Is) & Untitled (Rise),  – I can’t wait for more  🙌🏾






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