Sampha - Process

Sampha – Process

18 Mar, '17nowplaying1 min.

Music is vital to my creative process and, usually, inspiration for ongoing/upcoming projects is directly related to what i’m listening to at the time, cool, huh? Check out my music blog for more…

(Ring the Alarm!)… We’ve got a winner! 🚨!

Right from the SBTRK, Jessie Ware and the XX collab days (circa 7 years ago), through the more recent SolangeDrake and Ye, features, to his debut album; Process… Sampha‘s lush deeply meditative vocals, has never failed to soothe; inspiring, provoking deep-thought, and seamlessly blending in with the other textures, while standing out as a unique instrument and texture at the same time.

(Absolutely) every track on this release does it for me! – Thank you Sampha! It’s truly a masterpiece & instant classic .


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