DevTools – Color Palette Generators

DevTools – Color Palette Generators

13 Sep, '16devtools1 min.


In this series, I list some of my fave tools, and useful stuff, which speeds up my workflow

Color is a very powerful design tool as it can create a very specific mood or impression

Its application is seen across bussiness, commerce and, of course, in web design where it often defines the public’s perception about your brand.

When used in web design, if the impression is the right one, user trustworthiness is increased, resulting in conversions. In the case of wrong impression, however, it could result in untrustworthiness and high bounce rates.

Given its importantce and complexity, an array of tools are available to help you choose the perfect colours for your next project and these are some of my favourites:

Recommended further reading: An Introduction to Color Theory for Web Designers .

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